About Us

Elbadrawy Group is a fast growing company engaged in manufacturing and product developing of fine Bed Linen products in Egypt.
The team is lead by experienced industry veterans with support of young and dynamic professionals of providing products and solutions to wide range of customers.
Elbadrawy Group's Bed Linen line focuses on better quality Sheets (fitted, flat), Pillowcases, Duvet Covers, Comforters and summer quilts. These products are mainly produced using fine 100%Cotton yarn in various constructions, Thread counts, Weaves, treatment and finishes. Other materials such as Silk, Bamboo and Polyester are also used with cotton to produce products for specific market needs.
Also we are the Disney licensee manufacturing and selling Disney characters products in Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East. As well as WB (Warner Brothers) License for manufacturing and exporting to Greece.
The products are packed in a variety of ways to hit several price points and are marked under Elbadrawy Group's own private label or the customer's label.

Factory Location

Elobour City, Manufacturing Area, EGYPT.
Production Area: 3000 m2.
Employees: 190.
Production Capacity: 100000 pcs/Month.
Equipment: In Elbadrawy Group we are working on using the latest modernized machines under the supervision of well trained specialists to reach the highest quality of products and as another one of our accomplishments now we are opening our new factory of Polyester Fiber (Comforter Filling, Pillows, Cushions and Mattress').
  • 100 Computerized single needle machines.
  • 10 Computerized over lock machines.
  • 2 Computerized single needle quilting machines.
  • 2 Computerized multi needle quilting machines.
  • 1 Computerized Embroidery& Quilting multi needle Machine.
  • 1 Automatic cutting machine.
  • 1 Computerized carding fiber machine, producing fiber sheet rolls.
  • 1 Pillows and Bolsters producing machine.